Power: Too Much or Not Enough

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Power: Too Much or Not Enough

Power: Too Much or Not Enough

How does the spark chamber work? Does it control the power, whether or not there’s too much or not enough?

It’s been called the plasma chamber, or a spark chamber, or a spark gap, but they’re all the same thing. What that means is there is an apparatus inside of the device with two electrodes and they are separated, they can be adjusted to be closer to each other or further apart. When they’re further apart the spark that goes between them is a larger.

The spark takes more power to generate when they’re farther apart so it’s a stronger spark. The power goes up and they fire. When they’re close together it takes less energy, so it’s a lighter spark. Whether the power is too much or not enough, is determined by the setting you select which is most comfortable for your client.



How does the spark chamber actually work? How it is necessary for the for the devices if they’re analog devices?

The machine is powered by the spark chamber, adjusting the power of the device, regulating whether there is too much or not enough to fulfill the setting. There is a capacitor. The capacitor is where the power builds up into the machine to get the strength needed to approach whatever it is you’re dealing with when you use the machine.

The capacitor is on one side, then the spark chamber, and there’s the coil that is part of the whole process. The power comes into the machine then the capacitor (it’s kind of like a well) begins to fill up until it hits a particular power level (which is regulated by the spark chamber).

You Have the Power, Too Much or Not Enough

The way the spark chamber works is there are two electrodes in the spark chamber. If they’re farther apart the spark that is generated will be stronger. If they’re close together the spark that is generated will be smaller and not as powerful.

The electrodes are separated in the chamber, and the power begins to build up in the capacitor until it hits a certain level. Then the capacitor will cause a spark to jump between those two electrodes. The power is building up, the electrodes are farther apart, all of a sudden there’s a spark that occurs between these two electrodes. When that occurs then the path, the power that’s generated comes out of the cord and goes into the coil. We’re in place, we have a circle, we’ll get a signal and that’s how the signal is generated. With this circle, you create a magnetic field.

If the electrodes are farther apart, the spark that is generated will be stronger.

Controlling the Power, Too Much or Not Enough

The power level which is dictated by the electrodes reached then it will fire and power the coil. If the electrodes are close together then the spark that is generated is very small, and less power is generated through to the coil. The magnetic field that is generated is not quite as strong. That’s how it works, capacitor, spark chamber, coil.

Now on to the digital devices. Here there is no longer a spark chamber, it’s a computer chip. Suppose we’ve got one, two, three, four, five settings, and you set your machine on a two. As power begins to build up in the capacitor, openings in the computer chip are available. When it hits enough power to go through the opening(s) it will come out and charge. It will send the signal around to the coil.

More Power, Too Much or Not Enough

It takes more power from the capacitor to fire from the five setting, to send a stronger signal to the coil. That’s basically how it works. In the analog you have a spark chamber with electrodes. The space of the electrode determines how much power is released. On the digital system you have a little computer chip with various openings and when it’s got enough power to fire through those openings then it will release the power into the coil.

The wave, the magnetic field actually penetrates the body.Does the wave actually go into the body or does the wave cause the cells within the body to react differently?

It’s clear that the cells are going to have a response to the wave. They have found through NASA studies that the wave comes up, whether it’s a round wave, or a square wave. The secret to the healing aspect, or a sawtooth wave, is once the wave goes up that it’s a rapid decline. It goes up and comes straight down. With the high-powered devices the wave actually stops. So, we’re not putting any electricity into the body, we’re placing a magnetic field that will penetrate the body, the walls, it will penetrate casts, it will penetrate clothing, it will penetrate any substance with the exception of lead. The wave, the magnetic field actually penetrates the body.

Is there any benefit to using a Theraplate in conjunction with Magna Wave?

Theraplate basically is a vibrating platform. Much like you would sit in a vibrating chair or you would use a vibrator on your shoulder on your back to help promote blood flow. It helps circulation. It’s for people, for small animals and for horses that you stand on this plate the plate vibrates. That vibration passes through the body and is said to improve circulation. What Thereaplate doesn’t do is enhance the oxygenation of the blood cells in the body.

Can Theraplate be used with Magna Wave?

Yes. It’s very relaxing, people like to stand on it. It feels good to get that vibration from your feet up through your body. In the sense of reflexology, you’re massaging all the areas of your feet so that can be beneficial. In conjunction with Magna Wave, you’ll get the direct inflammation reduction.

The Wave Oasis lounger is a massaging bed that you can lay on. It has the option of added PEMF.Magna Wave PEMF Oasis Bed

We do have a new product called the wave Oasis lounger and it’s a massaging bed or mat, that you can lay on. It’s thick so you kind of sink into it and it begins to massage your whole body. The unique aspect of it is its using binaural beats, sound wave frequencies to penetrate into the body at frequencies that are beneficial to the body for anxiety, depression, sense of well-being, whatever it may be. It has the option of added PEMF which can be used in sync with the music experience, or separately. It kind of goes hand in hand with the Theraplate question.

What happens when you need more and the highest setting on the Semi isn’t enough?

The signal on the Semi is the same type of signal that’s produced on the Maxx machine or the high-powered Maia machine, but it is not as high. If you have something you want to work on and 15 minutes is not long enough, just do it longer. Try adding on to the treatment in 5 minute increments. If you’re treating at 15 minutes and not getting the results you want, try 20, etc. You can achieve the same results with the Semi and the higher-powered devices it will just take longer.

I get a lot of muscle spasms brought to the surface on my equine clients. What’s the best protocol to get it to release? I find using the Magna Wave aggravates it once it comes to the surface.

You will get muscle spasms or muscle response when you treat the body. You do get a muscle response as it finds areas of sensitivity. At that point you want to gauge the strength of your machine. How do you want to treat the area? If you feel that it aggravates the area then you want to turn your device down a little bit so it’s massaging the area more than over-stimulating it. It’s very difficult to over-stimulate an area because if it’s really aggravated, the horse would not allow you to treat it, nor would a person. If you turn it to high they’ll be uncomfortable and they’ll tell you that.

We recommend having plenty of fluids and hydration after treatments.

Why does a horse respond more with the equine wings than with the single loop? We find we have to set our Semi on medium when using the wings, versus on high when the single loop in the same area of the body.

We’ve had this same situation, where we’re using the wings, the large loop, the butterfly or the paddle, and what it comes down to is the tissue that’s being stimulated. If you’re using the large butterfly, the large wings you’re stimulating a lot of tissue. Even on the medium setting you’ll get a lot of a circulation of the area. If you come down to where you’ve got the large loop and you’re stimulating a smaller area of tissue you won’t get as much movement as you do with the large wings.

I felt like I went into detox the day after giving a treatment. Is that possible as a practitioner?

In a sense you are receiving signals as you’re treating if you’re treating a person and you lift that coil up an inch off of their body. When you do that you cut the signal in half, being in contact with the body is the best way to supply the signal particularly when it’s an adjustable type of signal.

That said, one in a hundred people have a sensitivity to the PEMF signal that could make them uncomfortable. Usually, these are the same people that feel uncomfortable under high voltage wires, feeling the power coming off them. That can happen.

Or maybe you were in a situation that maybe you were a bit toxic, if you had a higher level of toxins and treat then yes, you may take on an effect to where you feel that you’ve been detoxed or a bit uncomfortable from the process. It’s attempting to help the body be in a good state of homeostasis.

Just a reminder, the device can detoxify and it does serve as a detoxifying agent for the body. That’s why we recommend having plenty of fluids and hydration after treatments.

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